the Culture Bomb

In light of Tyler Clementi, this is an all-fandom request meme centered around the theme of positive sexuality attitudes. This includes coming-out stories, rights fights, straight supporters, anything as long as the topic has to do with perception of sexuality, and focuses on good experiences rather than bad ones. We have to remember that being accepted is still a privilege, not a given. So many people are still dealing with prejudice and bullying and negativity because of their sexual orientation. The fight is not even close to being over. Leave a comment with a pairing and a prompt, and try to fill as many prompts as you can! Any kind of fanwork is encouraged – fic, art, graphics, picspams, poetry, fanmixes, and anything you can imagine. Any pairing is go – a het pairing is fine as long as the theme is still something to do with non-hetero concepts 

Accentuate the Positive: A Multifandom Pride Meme

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