the Culture Bomb

Social media black hole; the meme share

Holy crap! Whirlwhind! I’ve been getting a feel for the whole blogging thing over the past few years. I’m glad I waited to make my official wordpress debut. I think I’ll just stick with this Culture Bomb thing for a little bit.

It’s a little provocative. I launched it as a fan page on Facebook. I just wanted to do something to draw some attention to culture studies. I kind of ended up studying myself. I got drawn into this never ending cycle of reposting memes from other fan pages. It was alluring because other people were doing the thinking for me, and yet they were echoing my sentiments exactly, right?

Truth is, it was a trap. I’m stressed, and it was an easy way to keep attention on the page. I’m feeling financial pressure over this summer, having just quit my job at the General Store. I couldn’t help it. Just seeing all this junk consumption, material waste and bad decisions each and every night made me sick to my stomach. Mostly because it came from my culture. I know full well not to expect other cultures pristine in some exotic nature. Humans are humans and for the most part we are pretty gross.

But when it comes to my culture I feel urges to take an administrative role. To treat members of my own culture like children for their displays of bad behavior. Maybe some of this comes from my stature. At 6’6, nearly 300 lbs. I do tend to look around sometimes and just shake my head thinking, “Puny human.”

Regardless, since I was inviting my Facebook friends to the fan page, they were seeing these things. And began taking issue with my posts. As it stands, I have just deleted my facebook profile. I will focus on this blog rather than my Tumblr, and use Twitter. I also began a Pinterest, but we will see where that goes.

Anyways, having the Facebook page was a learning experience. Though to depart from it so soon, the lessons have yet to sink in. I’m a character, that’s for sure. If I just be myself, there is no need for gimmicks. To act under the guise of a nickname and piece of art is for Anonymous. I will operate in the light. Um…mostly the light of my laptop screen in the middle of the night/wee hours of the morning.

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