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Job Hunt

Back to the old job hunt. Backstory:

I quit the service industry last year. I needed a break from waiting tables, and I had just started at WSU so I wanted to get acclimated to university life. A few months ago, I decided it was time to get a job again, so I went to this little upscale convenience store in Royal Oak. That was great while I was still in school, being able to do my assigned readings and homework in between customers.

But the money wasn’t enough, and lately I’ve been turning my anthropological lens on consumption patterns. Well then you must be saying, “If consumption patterns are your focus, then where might you find a better job?”

And you’re right. I should have stuck around, and taken notes and made use of the excellent research opportunity afforded me. Though again, I must reiterate, the money was not enough.


So I quit just in time to go see Tenacious D and have a great night on the town with my Godmother and oldest sister Tammy. She tried tofu for the first time and liked it. Bonus!

Anyhow, now I’m back on the hunt. Looking to get back into serving. If I don’t have a social life, I get all weird. I’ll be weird anyways, but in a good way. No social life is a bad way weird.

I want to read you all some of the things I’m reading. It’ll help if I get better at speaking rather than just typing communications all the time.

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