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Motho ke motho ka batho, I Am Because You Are

Botswana Spring 2012

ImageBy now more time has passed since my return from Botswana than the four months I spent abroad. A recent reunion in Boston with my fellow Americans from the trip however moved me to post a final reflection on my experience. Each of us admitted to the impossibility of a single day going by without thinking of our beloved Bots. For most of us the concept of Botho was the most intimately experienced and vividly remembered aspect of our time in Africa.This piece is an adaption of an article I published as an official reflection for Georgetown University.

Understanding the concept of botho is the single most profound understanding I have gained from my study abroad experience in Botswana. Botho incompletely translates from Setswana into English as ‘respect’. The concept is commonly expressed in the phrase ‘Motho ke motho ka batho’ meaning ‘I am because you are.’

As a visual…

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