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The Hadith

The Hadith is to Islam what, roughly, the Talmud is to Judaism. The Hadith is not part of the Koran, but rather a collection of oral traditions attributed to the Prophet Muhammad and his companions.

The companion of the holy prophet Muhammad asked him what the signs would be of the end of the world.

The prophet told him of this terrible time, about which much is written in the Holy Koran: People will no longer study the Koran but will spend all of their time seeking material wealth, pleasure, and worldly power. There will be an epidemic in Jeddah, a famine in Medina, and a plague in the holy city of Mecca. There will be earthquakes, unlike any ever seen before, throughout Maghreb (N. Africa); lethal thunderstorms will strike throughout Turkey and Iran; Iraq will be the domain of murderous bandits. The peoples of the Far East will be wiped out through a succession of floods. The morality that binds societies together will be completely loosened Рit will be every man for himself.  At that time, the Dajjal Рthe Antichrist Рwill appear, riding on a donkey and subjecting all the peoples of the earth to his rule.

Dajjal will rule but forty days through terror and force. Then God will send Jesus from heaven on a white horse, with a lance in his hand, to subdue Dajjal. The remnant of faithful believers will form a powerful army of God to assist Jesus in the defeat of the Dajjal. Dajjal will be defeated but not killed until God causes the feet of Dajjal to be fixed firmly to the earth; then Jesus will administer the fatal blow.

A throne will come down from heaven and Jesus will reign over the earth for forty years of perfect peace and justice. Each of these forty years will be twenty-six months in length, rather than the usual twelve – so they will actually be like eighty-seven of our present years.

At the end of his reign, Jesus will go to Jerusalem and pray at the Mosque of the Dome of the Rock, where God will take Jesus into heaven. Seven days after the arrival of the soul of Jesus in heaven, the monstrous Gog and Magog, monsters who had been imprisoned by Alexander [Iskandar] the Great, will break free, ruining civilization.

At this point, God will call two angels into service. The first is Azrail, the angel of death. For believers, Azrail will appear as a beautiful star that calls them to their rest in a sweet, gentle voice. To the wicked, in contrast, Azrail will appear as a monster that rips their souls our of their bodies.

Another angel, Israfil, has the duty of blowing the trumpet of the last day. As all of the righteous will have been killed by the wicked at this point, all those left on earth will deserve the doom that begins with this trumpet call. Tired of the wickedness, God will tell Israfil to blow the horn and the mountains will crumble into dust. At the end of the destruction, forty years of terrible earthquakes and storms, the trumpet will sound again. At this sound, the souls of the faithful dead will search for their bodies to be reunited for the resurrection. Then when the souls and bodies are joined, the faithful will spend forty years praising Allah.

At the third trumpet blast, the holy prophet Muhammad will return to earth on his horse, Burak, led by a rope held by the angel Gabriel. All will then see the great scales of judgement descend from heaven. The throne of God will then be visible to all. There will be no secrets. The secret sins of everyone, believer and unbeliever, will be known to all. These secret sins will be weighed on the left side of the scale, and all good deeds, no matter how small, will be saved: if the opposite is true, the soul will be damned.

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